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    "Nicola is one of the best photographers I have worked with. She has supreme artistic vision, great style diversity and top tier retouch/editing skills. To top it all off, she is extremely friendly and fun to be around. I highly rec her to anyone who seeks to be creative."

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    "Posing for Nicola is a pleasure. She knows exactly what to say to get the needed pose while effortlessly making you feel comfortable."

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    "I've used the photos taken from our shoot for over two years now. I haven't changed my Facebook photo since late 2016 because the shot she took was so darn good."

Pick your favorite photos from a private online gallery, then the process begins!  Each of your favorite photos receives retouching, colour enhancement and improved lighting dynamics.

The Basic

  • 30 min of shooting 

  • 2 finished photo of your choice

  • $25 per extra image



Full Exposure

  • Up to 90 minutes of shooting

  • 5 finished photos of your choice

  • $25 per extra image


Pricing & Packages